Nestle Is Jumping on the Ozempic Bandwagon

Nestle is launching a range of pizzas, pasta bowls, and sandwiches aimed at people taking the weight loss drug Ozempic, which is considered a GLP-1 agonist. The world’s biggest food company, which sells DiGiorno pizza and Stouffers meals to major grocers, will launch the 12 meals under the Vital Pursuit brand in the U.S. in October. The company says they developed the new products with more protein, iron and calcium for people taking the popular appetite-suppressing drug. People on the drug are at risk of losing lean muscle mass as they shed pounds and often don’t feel like eating very much. Some who take the drug develop aversions to protein and fat, which is why it’s crucial that they find ways to get in those important nutrients. However, obesity specialists are saying there’s not much difference in the Vital Pursuit meals and other packaged diet food. Nevertheless, executives at companies like Nestle and Conagra see the medications presenting a new opportunity to pitch products such as beef jerky, popcorn and frozen meals that fit perfectly into the diet of a GLP-1 patient. Other companies planning to take advantage of what they see as a new market include Herbalife and meal kit provider Daily Harvest. Nestle’s Vital Pursuit’s portions will range from approximately 8-10 ounces and will sell for around $4.99.