Michigan Woman Dubbed “The Rooftop Ninja” Lived In a Supermarket Sign For a Year

An unidentified woman didn’t have to travel far to buy food. That’s because the woman — dubbed “the rooftop ninja” — spent the last year living inside the signage of a popular grocery store. Contractors hired to work on the roof at the Family Fare Supermarket in Midland, Mich., were shocked to find an extension cord leading to the secret living space. When they made their way into the space, the workers were met with a fully decked-out living area, furnished with a mini desk, flooring, a pantry of food, and a houseplant. Police were eventually called in to remove the woman, 34, advising her that she needed to find somewhere else to live. It isn’t clear how the woman got to the rooftop dwelling in the first place, or how she avoided being detected for the time she lived there. Police offered the unconventional squatter several resources, including housing assistance, but she declined all offers of help. She didn’t work for the supermarket, but did have a job, as well as a car. Store management agreed to remove the furniture from the roof and return it to the woman. No criminal charges were filed against the woman.