Meet the World’s Chunkiest Animals

Although obesity is not normally a problem faced by the animal kingdom, some creatures have become social media sensations purely through their indulgent eating habits. Others have ballooned to their enormous size through muscle weight alone, hitting the international headlines by showing off their toned physiques. A prime example is Abu, a Turkish Malakli (pictured above), that weighs a whopping 252 pounds, around the same as a baby elephant, and stands a monstrous 7’2” on his hind legs. Abu is not alone in being an Internet sensation. The following photos will take you inside the world’s chunkiest animals, with a selection of creatures whose size has found them in the spotlight in recent years.
Roger, who stood at 6’5”, became an Internet sensation back in 2015 when picture surfaced of his bulging biceps, popping veins and prominent chest. He died in 2018.

Uncle Fatty shot to fame when his life of indulgence, blamed on a diet of junk food given to him by tourists, made him a major attraction at his owner’s market stall in Bangkok, Thailand. He tipped the scales at a whopping 60 pounds. Typical macaques weigh about 9 pounds.

Frederik the Great, a Friesian stallion from the U.S., may just be the world’s real life black beauty. The stunning stallion amassed a hefty fan following on Facebook, and an online gallery featuring artwork of him was even created. He has often been referred to as “the most beautiful horse in the world.”

Kefir, a 28-pound cat from Russia, is so big that people often mistake him for a dog. Named after the fermented milk drink, Kefir is an oversized Maine Coon cat belonging to Yulia Minina. On average, Maine Coons weigh around 18 pounds and hold the record for being the longest cat breed.