Disney Has Codes — and Here’s What They Mean

Anywhere large groups of people gather to compete over limited resources, bad behavior will follow, and Disney’s theme parks are no exception. Disney has an image to protect, however, and has strict rules concerning how staff can speak to and interact with guests. As you might imagine, calling someone an "entitled moron" would violate those rules, so Disney has a secret code for referring to difficult patrons in their parks. It’s called “Treasured Guest,” which has kind of a “bless your heart” energy behind it. Disney also has codes for other mishaps, including “Code Winnie,” which means a kid has peed in a water ride; a “protein spill,” which is used to alert janitors that someone has vomited; or the dreaded “white powder alert,” which is used to alert staff that visitors are attempting to scatter their loved one’s ashes in the park, a frequent and forbidden practice. Other codes are of a more serious nature, including a Signal 70, which signals a lost child. Staff would never upset other guests by announcing that a child is lost, so Signal 70 allows them to let other staff know, without causing panic in the park. Disney Cast Members have succeeded in developing several clever tactics for secretly conveying information to one another in the presence of a broader public. Unless you score a job as a Cast Member one day, it would be nearly impossible to learn them all.