Canadian Teen Fined $580 For Using His Phone At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

When Mason Prima drove into a McDonald’s drive-thru to claim his free meal, he never dreamed it would wind up costing him a whopping $580. The 18-year-old, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, needed to show the employee at the drive-thru the app on his phone that confirmed he had earned enough reward points for a free meal. However, a motorcycle cop behind Prima approached him at the window. When Prima showed the officer that he was in the process of pulling up a code on his phone, the cop was undeterred and continued to issue the $580 fine. Prima said he opens his app every time he goes to the drive-thru and has never had an issue. In a statement, the RCMP confirmed that it doesn’t matter the reason the cellphone is being used, it’s still against the law to use a cellphone while driving. Prima, who is more concerned about the points he may incur on his license, believes that he is innocent because he was not actually in the process of driving but waiting in a drive-thru. He is now preparing to fight the fine in court on July 31.