Apple Is Preparing To Introduce New iPhone Flip and a Foldable iPad

After over a decade quietly exploring the area, Apple is finally preparing to enter the foldable phone market in 2026. A foldable iPad is also in development. The long-awaited competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Z, Motorola’s Razr Plus, and Google’s Pixel Fold now has a working title: the iPhone Flip. The company sees the iPad Flip as a novelty item that could gauge customer interest in its new designs before battling multiple flip-phone rivals on their home turf. Unfortunately, manufacturers are unsure about the longevity of foldable screens. No one knows if they will last more than 1-2 years. Apple is still hoping to make good on its dream for a unique breakthrough in foldable mobile tech: a touchscreen outside of the fold. They have already obtained a patent and propose that the new device will have a flexible transparent wall portion. The result might possible echo early generations of the iPod.