Woman Describes Herself As Looking Like a Monster After Dental Implants

Jessica Macko, from San Antonio, Texas, is claiming dental implants left her looking like a monster. The 44-year-old decided to have “all-on-4” dental implants earlier this month to fix her ongoing dental issues, a procedure where a set of four dental implants replace loose, rotten, missing, or failing teeth. While she had been warned by doctors about possible bruising, the stay-at-home mom admitted that she didn’t expect the pain to be so brutal or the bruising to be so severe. She took to social media to reach out to the public to find out if anyone else has had a similar reaction to the procedure. Jessica’s dental problems began when she was younger due to an eating disorder that eroded her teeth. She has since learned that the extreme bruising she experienced after the dental implants was due to anemia, which she wasn’t aware she had at the time of the surgery. Today, the bruising is gone and her teeth are beautiful. As for Jessica, she says she would definitely recommend the procedure. “My case was just unique,” she said.