Two-Story House Floating Through San Francisco Bay Creates a Mystery

The mystery of a 2-story home seen floating in the San Francisco Bay for several days has been solved. The wood-shingled home was first spotted in the water on April 6 and was seen in various locations around the bay in the ensuing days. The U.S. Coast Guard said it was monitoring the private transfer of the house, which was built atop a floating barge. The floating house sparked a flurry of speculation when it was first seen in the water, with many pointing out similarities to the Pixar film Up — just on the water instead of in the air. It has now been revealed that the house was the second-to-last houseboat to leave the Redwood City Marina. The marina was formerly home to more than 100 people living on the water, but the city began evicting the houseboats in 2015 after lawsuits were filed by nearby residents. The house arrived two days later at its new home at the Commodore Marina in Sausalito. The house’s journey took a lot longer than expected because it had to travel up a twisty channel. That means they had to have the right tide and had to come down without the wind blowing the barge into the bank. Houses are extremely heavy, so when the house had to travel through the bay, with the winds and tide changing, they had to be very careful that it didn’t get dragged out to the Golden Gate Bridge.