Sweet or Savory: What Your Snacks Say About You

Are you a chips and dip person, or do you prefer a chocolate bar? The answer may reveal clues about your personality. Taste, texture, and satiety are all linked to the pleasure centers in our brains. Several scientific studies have investigated the personality traits associated with different snacks and other foods and have found surprising associations. Here are some of the findings of researchers at University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand:


If you crave salty snacks like pretzels, potato chips or peanuts, you might be an impulsive person who seeks out new experiences. That’s the good news. The bad news is that people with this “novelty seeking” personality trait can also be prone to taking risks and losing their temper.

People who crave chocolate and other sweets tend to seek approval from others. Known as “reward dependence,” this is sometimes linked with depressive disorders and addiction. More optimistically for chocolate fans, people who like chocolate are often adventurous.

A preference for spicy foods might mean you have a thrill-seeking personalty. Researchers have found significant and positive correlations between people who like spicy foods and high scores on the “Sensation Seeking Scale.” There were also correlations with thrill-seeking, adventure-seeking, and experience-seeking.

If you snack on fruit, you’re an open book. People who snack on fruit rather than processed foods tend to be more open to new experiences. They tend to be imaginative, creative, and insightful.