Sweden Plans a City Made Entirely of Wood

Making a bold environmental statement, Sweden is embracing the future by planning for Stockholm Wood City. It will be the world’s largest wooden city and is being designed by the architectural firms of Henning Larsen and White Arkitekter. The project will begin in 2025 and is expected to be completed in 2027. The massive urban development, sprawling over an area of 61 acres, aims to construct 2,000 homes, entirely out of wood, as well as 7,000 office spaces. The area will also incorporate communal gardens, courtyards, and open public spaces. The heart of the city will feature a massive public square, set to act as a bustling social hub. Streets will weave organically through the district, with bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways to facilitate easy movement. Although some experts have raised concerns over fire risks posed by wooden buildings, advocates argue that engineered timber burns at a relatively slow and predictable rate, making it safer than many conventional steel structures. Sweden is a country primed to innovate with wood, with almost 70% of its land covered in forest.