Stowaway Cat Accidentally Mailed To California In Returned Package

In the famous Schrödinger’s cat hypothesis, a cat in a box is both alive and dead until someone looks inside – and in the case of one mischievous cat from Utah discovered inside an Amazon return package, it was very much alive. Galena the cat survived being shipped all the way from Lehi, Utah, to Los Angeles, Calif., after sneaking into the package. The 6-year-old cat, who is an indoor-only cat, traveled more than 700 miles in a 3X3-foot shipping container with no food or water. Her owner, Carrie Clark, first discovered that her beloved companion was missing on April 10. Family and friends quickly helped her look for the cat, passing around posters and posting messages on social media. A week later, Clark and her husband got an astonishing notification from Galena’s microchip: the cat had been discovered in Los Angeles. At first, they thought the notification was a mistake, but after talking with the vet who checked the microchip, they caught a flight out to pick up their beloved pet. It turns out that Brandy Hunter, a worker at an Amazon warehouse in California, discovered the cat in a return package. Hunter, who describes herself as a “crazy cat lady,” took Galena in for the night, and then to a vet for identification the following morning. The vet took possession of the cat and checked her out prior to the Clark’s arrival. It turns out that although she was a little thinner, the cat was no worse for the wear. Fortunately, there was an opening in one of the seams of the package that allowed Galena to breathe, and the weather was such that she was not in danger of freezing or overheating. Clark said she believes her cat may have climbed into the Amazon box while she was preparing the seal it for the return delivery. Since the box already weighed more than 30 pounds, Clark didn’t notice the extra weight. She is now warning other pet owners to make sure to have their pets microchipped………and "triple check" boxes being shipped out.