Plastic Surgeons Reveal That Celebrities Are Suffering From “Ozempic Face”

Smooth, plump cheeks and wrinkle-free foreheads are the features that are most associated with plastic surgery, which is why celebrities are so obsessed with it. Now, a new look is emerging in Hollywood: sunken eyes, gaunt cheeks, and saggy skin. Plastic surgeons are now sounding the alarm, pointing to the rise in popularity of the weight-loss drug Ozempic. In fact, the side effect has been dubbed “Ozempic face.” Famous reality star Scott Disick scared fans last month with his dramatic new look, but a number of other celebrities appear to be suffering from the same side effect. More than 9 million prescriptions for Ozempic have been written in the past 3 months, as the drug has taken the U.S. by storm. Ozempic face is harder to tell with women because they’re more likely to use fillers and to cover up imperfections with makeup. Surgeons say that weight loss almost always highlights more lines and wrinkles, but Ozempic face is not typical of normal weight loss results. Dr. Nicholas Jones of Atlanta, Ga., pointed out the tell-tale signs on the face of Sharon Osbourne, who has admitted to using Ozempic. “When you look at the earlier photo, her face is much fuller and has more volume. When I look at the later photo, her eyes, her face, is more sunken, her cheeks are not as full. Her face looks a little emaciated, actually, like she’s been starving.” It’s doubtful that Hollywood celebrities will heed the warnings of plastic surgeons, as they have become accustomed to doing everything they can to look good, and not worrying about much else. Still, doctors are warning that Ozempic should not be used by anyone who isn't a diabetic.

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