Pizza Prank Gone Too Far

Like many of us, Justin Rybicki loves a good pizza. However, after what he’s been dealing with for the past 6 months, it’s understandable if he doesn’t crave pizza for a while. Justin, who lives in Spruce Grove in Alberta, Canada, has been the victim of a pizza prankster who has ordered more than $1,000 worth of pizzas delivered to his home and workplace. Meanwhile, Justin has had to deal with the wrath of angry delivery drivers and pizza store employees when he tells them he’s not the person ordering them. It all started on Nov. 19, 2023, when he was getting ready to sit down to dinner with his family and the doorbell rang. It was a pizza delivery driver with a $100 worth of pizzas. Justin advised the driver that he didn’t order the pizzas and he wasn’t going to pay for them. A mere 3 days later, the second order came, and that’s when Justin filed his first police report. When he called the store, Pizza 73, and asked to be placed on their ban list, the orders stopped…….for about a month. Then the prankster began ordering from Domino’s. Police suggested to Justin that he change his email address and password, but somehow the prankster got his new email, and the pizzas have continued coming. Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are now investigating.