People Are Sharing Their Favorite Bizarre Food Combinations and It’s Not Pretty

It’s not unusual to see people take to social media to share photos of their favorite food pairings, but there’s a special group of folks who put things together that most of us wouldn’t dare to do. Pizza lovers often debate whether it’s acceptable to have pineapple as a topping, but what about the person who actually puts strawberries on their pizza, alongside rocket and red onion? Another person shared enjoying slices of banana doused in ketchup, while someone else had people cringing at a steak covered in blueberry sauce. Ice cream lovers enjoy a range of toppings — from chocolate chips and colored sprinkles to fresh fruit — but would you add pickles to the mix? One of the most unusual postings was from a user who enjoys popcorn swimming in milk in place of traditional cereal. The staple food of bread and butter received a new addition, with one person showing their favorite combination of bread, butter and a generous helping of sugar. Pickles and peanut butter........apparently it's not just for pregnant women anymore. Not feeling maple syrup for waffles? No problem, just cover them in marinara sauce. One of the postings that made the most sense was the person who placed cheese slices on bread and then topped the bread with sliced apples. Whatever your strange food combos might be, there’s a good chance that someone on social media can top it.