Passengers On Delta’s $1,000 “Eclipse Flight” Never Saw the Cosmic Event

Delta passengers who forked out $1,150 for the airline’s special eclipse flight missed out on seeing the full spectacle. The disappointing trips set off from Austin to Dallas and Detroit and promised to take those on board along the “path of totality” but left them with a worse view than those on the ground. Passengers were crouching on the ground, looking out the window, and climbing over the seats to try to get the best possible view, but didn’t come anywhere near what they were promised. Still, the passengers were good sports about it, saying they would do it again. “Even though we didn’t get it completely, it was a fun community experience,” said passenger Scott Kees. He traveled from Atlanta with his daughter Gabrielle, 8, but say they only caught a “sliver” of the action. Once onboard, passengers were treated to eclipse-themed goodies, including special edition Sun Chips, a Moon Pie, protective glasses, Delta branded socks, and a hat emblazoned with “climbing the cosmos.” The next total solar eclipse won’t take place until March 30, 2033, but Alaska will be the only North American region to witness it.