McDonald’s Fans Rejoice As Popular Breakfast Item Returns To U.S. Menus

McDonald’s has brought back bagels to its breakfast menu. The fan favorite isn’t nationwide yet, but they're in at least 1,200 restaurants and could return to all 14,300 U.S. locations later this year. Bagels were first introduced by McDonald’s in late 2019 but were cut soon after when executives simplified the menu in the Spring 2020 during the pandemic. Since then, fans on social media have been calling for their return. They’re so popular, in fact, that a 13,000-member Facebook group called Where’s My McDonald’s Bagel? was established to put pressure on McDonald's executives to put the item back on the menu. Customers in California, Pennsylvania, Nashville, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee, Iowa, West Virginia, California, North Carolina, Ohio, Alabama plus New York — the nation's bagel capital — have seen them return so far. There are four varieties, which all feature egg and cheese. Three are with meat — bacon, sausage or steak — and one that's just egg and cheese. The steak bagel adds grilled onions. Prices vary between restaurants, with the bacon and sausage bagels typically selling for $4.69, while steak is higher at $5.39. Not a bagel fan? McDonald’s is currently testing selling Krispy Kreme donuts at 9 of its locations and plans to offer them nationwide by 2026.