Map Shows How Solar Eclipse Hysteria Has Spread Across the U.S.

A map of Airbnb bookings across the U.S. has revealed just how much solar-eclipse hysteria has swept the country. The image below shows occupancy rates for April 8, when the moon will completely block the face of the sun in one of the biggest astronomical events of the decade. Blue dots represent low occupancy (about 10%) and orange dots mark maximum occupancy (100%). The map shows a large swathe of orange stretching from Maine to Texas, following the solar eclipse’s 100-mile-wide path of totality. Experts estimate that 31 million Americans will travel for this upcoming solar eclipse, which will happen on Monday, with totality beginning in Dallas, Texas, about 1:40 p.m. and lasting until 1:44 p.m. CDT. This widespread surge in interest in the eclipse has benefited Airbnb, as they’re set to cash in on the solar craze.