Hideous New House Has a Kitchen Floor For a Driveway, But Can You Spot What Else Is Wrong?


A new house described as “hideous” has been slammed for having a kitchen floor for a driveway, but there’s also a crucial design flaw. Critics on social media spotted the blunder immediately: the driveway actually leads to the front door, rather than the garage door. So, if the residents of the house have a car, their lawn may take a hit. One person on social media asked, “Apart from the garage, why is the kitchen floor outside?” However, it’s not just the non-functional driveway that’s causing commotion — Twitter users have picked apart some other details of the bizarre house. One pointed out that the middle window doesn’t quite line up with the door below, with a second person asking, “Are the windows not installed inside-out?” If you look closely, it does appear that the handle to open the window is on the outside. There’s been no word from the owner or the builders, probably for good reason.