Enter At Your Own Risk: New Home Security Camera Aims Paintballs At Intruders


Porch pirates beware! There’s a new home security camera on the horizon, and it promises to deter would-be intruders and package thieves with paintballs fired with “ultra-high precision.” The AI-powered home surveillance system will use facial recognition and an app-based system to fire paintballs — or even tear gas pellets — at potential ne’er-do-wells.  PaintCam Eve comes equipped with night-vision technology, a warning laser, and a built-in speaker to issue verbal instructions for intruders to skedaddle. If the interloper doesn’t leave, the homeowner can choose to fire a paintball at them. The device promises to fend off unwanted animals and burglars with its “zero tolerance” warning system. Homeowners can, however, ensure that their loved ones are safe to approach by marking occupants and approved visitors as “no-fire.” Also, if an unidentified person is detected alongside a familiar visitor, the camera will send an alert to the user’s smartphone, asking if it should pull the trigger. What about the poor Amazon or UberEats delivery driver? While the option exists to turn off autonomous operation of the PaintCam, there’s no doubt a system like this could be abused by trigger-happy or overly paranoid people. Details on the PaintCam are slim for now, with no official date for its release or what it will cost.