Elderly Dog Is Finally Adopted After Spending 11 Years In a Shelter

A 13-year-old dog who spent 11 years in a shelter waiting for her forever home was at last adopted on Friday by a couple in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Fiona, originally named Fergie, had spent over a decade at Second Chance Shelter in Boaz, Alabama, before she was brought to Albert's Dog Lounge in Wisconsin. Wanda McGee — who has brought hundreds of dogs from Alabama to Wisconsin through the rescue initiative — said that Fiona was brought to the shelter after being picked up by animal control workers when she was about a year old. “She was pretty much feral, and she just recently started letting us pet her,” said McGee. Lindsey Decker (pictured below), Vice President of Albert’s Dog Lounge, said she perused a number of different applications before deciding that the Saskowski family would be the best fit for Fiona. They were able to be home often, already had other dogs, and had a fenced-in yard. Carrie Saskowski said she saw Fiona’s story online and was overwhelmed with sadness for the dog because she had spent so much of her life in a shelter. That’s when she and her husband (pictured above left) decided that they would offer to adopt Fiona. Within minutes of arriving at their home, Fiona began settling in, and now couldn’t be a happier, more well-adjusted dog. “I really hope this kind of opens people’s eyes to adopt seniors and to know that they are wonderful pets,” said Carrie. Decker says senior dogs are part of the population that is most overlooked, with many dogs being euthanized due to old age.