Black Dog Turns Completely White 2 Years After Being Diagnosed With Vitiligo


In late 2021, at the age of 2, Buster was diagnosed with vitiligo. The condition is caused by an autoimmune disease that causes areas of the skin, hair, muzzle, and lips, as well as the oral and facial mucosa, to lose pigment. Buster’s owner, Matt Smith, was told to keep an eye out for skin irritation, but other than that the dog’s health wasn’t going to be affected. At first, Matt noticed small white patches around Buster’s eyes, nose, and chin, but 9 months after the vitiligo diagnosis, the dog’s face was peppered with with spots. Today, Buster has gone from completely black to an immaculate white. When Smith first took to social media to show how Buster’s face was changing, he received a lot of support from the community. Recently he made another post announcing that his pet had gone completely white, posting a series of photos documenting the transition. Luckily dogs don’t feel self-conscious, so Buster is enjoying his life just like when he was completely black, and the vitiligo hasn't impacted his health at all.