Aldi Customers Say Their “Aisle of Shame” Is Costing Them Hundreds of Dollars Per Visit

The supermarket chain Aldi is known for its heavily discounted good quality groceries, but the superstore is also known for another unique quality. Alongside shelves, refrigerators and freezers full of food, there’s an aisle in the middle of the store that features random stuff that’s completely unrelated to groceries. While the aisle is named “Aldi Finds,” shoppers have dubbed the random selection the “aisle of shame.” Aldi-lovers come from far and wide to descend on the bargains that include anything from seasonal items to kitchen gadgets to toys. Just about anything you can think of can be found on the aisle of shame. The grocery chain has garnered a cult following and people on social media love to share and view hauls, even making videos about their shopping excursions. The miscellaneous mix of stuff is replaced weekly, usually on a Wednesday. While Aldi is a fierce competitor of other big chains, such as Walmart and Costco, it has one thing its competitors don’t: the aisle of shame.