A New Jersey Radio Station Has Played the Same Song Every Day For 14 Years


If you happen to be on Valley Road in Montclair, New Jersey, make sure your car radio is tuned to 91.9FM. As if by magic, the same song will mysteriously start playing, as it has every day for the past 14 years. The song is “I’ll Make Love To You” by Boyz II Men. This romantic interlude is the brainchild of music expert and tech-savvy guru George Louvis (inset), a longtime resident of Montclair. The idea began with brief, one-minute informative broadcasts in front of places such as car dealerships to help with sales, part of an advertising campaign he put together. One day, Louvis decided to set up shop atop the Montclair Diner. It was a way for customers to enjoy a meal with a healthy side of music, guaranteed to repeat as long as you were sitting in or around that special spot. Why the Boyz II Men song? Louvis said a friend borrowed his transmitter and returned it with that song, so he decided to leave it playing. It turns out that people wanted to hear it, which is why it’s still playing today. In fact, an avid listener even made t-shirts to commemorate the unusual radio station, which Louvis points out is a legal, low-powered radio station. He said he tried to shut down the transmitter several times, but people always implored him not to. How long will this local favorite song keep on keepin’ on? Stay tuned!