16,000-Square-Foot Home In Montana Goes On Sale For Just $10, But There’s a Major Catch

An opportunity to buy a majestic 3-story home in Montana for just $10 has hit the market, but there’s a significant catch. Originally built in 1911, the 16,000-square-foot Spanish Mission-style home originally served the community as a functioning hospital. In the aftermath of World War II, it was decommissioned by the military in 1947, though the listing specifies that for a short period it served as a medical office space. Now for the drawback: the sale is just for the building, not for the land. The contract stipulates that the new owner must move the house off the lot. As an extra lure, the sellers have attached a $100,000 moving credit to the sale, earmarked specifically to help the new buyer physically relocate the structure somewhere else. The property in Fort Missoula is located at 3255 Lt. Moss Road, named after Lieutenant James Moss, a West Point graduate put in charge of the 25th Infantry Regiment in 1894. In 2023, an op-ed in the local paper, The Missoulian, called for preservation of the building, but the total cost of restoring it could be as much as $8 million. The plan was to establish new housing, along with some retail space, on the 5-acre property. The proposal was struck down by Missoula’s Historic Preservation Commission, which resulted in the building being put on the market.