You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me!…..Woman’s Cat Gets Plastered Inside Wall By Construction Workers

Jayda Dixon-Williams, from Philadelphia, had complained to her landlord about a leak in her kitchen, but was unaware that he was sending contractors to fix the problem. The 25-year-old, who owns a baby clothing store, came home from work recently and started to panic when she couldn’t find her kitten, Raymonte, despite hearing him meowing. Then she heard the cat scratching from behind new drywall in the kitchen. Fearing that the cat might be stuck in a pipe or the drain, Jayda took drastic measures by calling the police. Police instructed her to try to bust through the wall. Taking a small knife, she began to chip away at the new drywall, piece by piece, being careful not to accidentally harm the kitten. When she finally made the first hole in the wall, Raymonte stuck his little paw through. She was finally able to remove enough of the drywall to extricate the cat from behind the wall. Jayda said she was upset that the building management never told her construction workers were coming because she has a cage that she could have used to secure her cat so he wouldn’t have been in danger. While more drywall must now be installed, Jayda won’t make the same mistake twice.