What Really Happened to Preston Roberts from "Mountain Men"

For anyone who considers themselves a fan of the History Channel's reality show Mountain Men, Preston Roberts was frequently considered the go-to favorite. There was just something about him that got the attention of fans, and his demeanor continued to draw them in. The show, designed to follow the lives of mountain men, has been one of the best performing shows on the network. Imagine the surprise that rippled through the fan base of the show when the new season premiered and Roberts was nowhere to be found. He was there at the end of Season 6 and fans were eagerly anticipating seeing him again when Season 7 first aired. The fact that he was absent from the show and that no one really said anything left a lot of people scratching their heads. It also set off a firestorm on social media, with people wondering where he was and what was going on. It turns out that Preston wasn't on the show because he passed away shortly after filming the last episodes of Season 6. Sadly, his life was claimed by the same disease that he had watched his wife go through: cancer. He had a rare form of cancer that caused a tumor on his liver. He sought medical attention, but doctors told him that the tumor was inoperable. To further complicate matters, the tumor was essentially preventing oxygen-filled blood from reaching other parts of his body, effectively starving every major organ of the blood and oxygen it needed to survive. Once it started, it was like a domino effect and one by one his organs began to stop working. From the time he was diagnosed until he passed away just three short weeks.