Villagers Complain of the Pitter Patter of Poo

People in the tiny village of Great Gonerby in the UK say they’re getting fed up with the “pitter patter of poo.” Tens of thousands of starlings have been forming flocks at sunset over the city for weeks, splattering bird droppings on anything that doesn’t move. The sight of the birds swirling overheard has wowed onlookers, but the aftermath has been described as a nightmare. Residents complain that just going out the front door puts them in the midst of the goo, with bird droppings covering even the doorknobs to their houses. Local resident Andrew Comtois complained that he had to get his bucket out 5 times to remove the mess, and he’s even been the victim of droppings on his head. Another resident, Jonathan Brown (pictured below), resorted to covering his car every evening to protect it from the birds. While bird lovers love to gather to watch the swarm of starlings snake across the sky, it’s frustrating because of the mess they leave behind.