Thousands Of People Are Watching This Boring Livestream From Jackson Hole, Wyoming - and Nobody Knows Why

More than 2,000 people are currently watching a livestream from a webcam located at a traffic intersection in the small town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and nobody knows why. The live feed was set up about 6 weeks ago as part of a drive to draw more visitors to the town, a popular tourist retreat for outdoorsy types at the base of the Teton Mountains. The town set up several webcams, but while the scenic vista at Spring Creek had just one viewer, thousands have been tuning in to the town square crossroads since Sunday, for no apparent reason. Reports suggest that the surge in viewer traffic began when a user on the web bulletin board 4chan posted a link to the feed and said he would travel to Jackson Hole to do something in front of the camera. At this point, many people appear to be watching as part of an absurd joke.