The Smallest Apartment In New York City

To call it an apartment is a stretch and to call it a studio is generous. A tiny apartment near New York University — a prime location for students and young professionals in Manhattan — is a minuscule 54 square feet……….a 9X6-foot room with no bathroom or kitchen. What’s mind-blowing is that the rent is a whopping $1,200 a month. With just enough room for a bed, it’s been compared to a dorm room, though most people would agree that a dorm room is absolutely spacial compared to this tiny space. The listing agent, Alexander Bruni, tried to soften the blow by explaining that for what you’re paying you get to live in New York City. Needless to say, social media users were flabbergasted, making comments like, “That should be illegal!”, “Jail cells are bigger!" and “That apartment is smaller than my closet!” Last year, New York City rents hit a new high, at an average of $5,588 a month. Imagine having to pay $10,673 a month……..yes, a month……..for a 3-bedroom!