Self-Proclaimed “She Hulk” Has Bigger Biceps Than Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jackie Koorn is a physically impressive 34-year-old fitness enthusiast from the Netherlands who allegedly has bigger biceps than Arnold Schwarzenegger did in his prime — 24 inches compared to 22. Koorn has always been into fitness, but it was only after being forced to take a break from kickboxing in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions that she realized she was much more comfortable with a bigger frame. She has since more than doubled in weight, embracing her curvy figure and dedicating herself to building massive muscles. Although she’s been called “fat” and “too manly” online, she said she focuses only on the positive and encourages others to do the same. Koorn begins her training sessions with 100 pushups and 250 sit-ups, followed by 2 hours of strength training, which typically involves deadlifting up to 330 pounds, up to 440-pound bench presses, squatting with 220 pounds in extra weights, and pushing up 992 pounds on the leg press. That’s pretty impressive, even for a male bodybuilder.