Return-To-Office Mandates Result In Surge In Deodorant Purchases

Apparently, people cared less about smelling great when they were confined to their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although 27% of Americans are still working from home some four years later, most employees have been served with return-to-office mandates. What that means for deodorant manufacturers is an increase in revenue. In 2020 and 2021, Unilever — makers of personal care products, including body wash, deodorant, soap, and body spray — experienced a slowing of sales because of lesser demand and usage. Overall, deodorant sales dipped the lowest, which was attributed to people working remotely. During the pandemic, people changed their lifestyle in many ways, including spending less time showering, not wearing fresh clothes as often, not putting on makeup or shaving, and generally neglecting personal grooming. Once the pandemic was officially declared over, consumers began returning to work, which stimulated more personal grooming and generated the need for personal hygiene products. Today, although it remains to be seen how different products might be impacted by soaring prices, for the moment deodorants are winning.