Meet the World’s Shortest Doctor

Ganesh Baraiya is living proof that nothing is impossible. Despite facing discrimination because of his short stature, he managed to become the world’s shortest doctor. Born in Gujarat, India, the 23-year-old has faced adversity from a young age. He was born normal, but at the age of 4 his parents noticed that his head was outgrowing his body. They took him to a doctor, where they discovered that he suffered from an incurable condition related to dwarfism. Despite his physical limitations, Ganesh has always been very ambitious. He knew he wanted to be a doctor from an early age, and put all his energy into his studies. When the time came, he applied for a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBBS), but despite his good grades, the Medical Council of India rejected his application because of his height (3 feet). They claimed that would prevent him from being able to perform his duties in emergency cases. Ganesh refused to give up on his dream, and approached the District Magistrate and the Education Minister. None of his efforts were successful, but he still refused to give up. His case reached India’s Supreme Court, and justice was finally done. Ganesh was awarded the right to enroll in MBBS, completed his studies, and is now an intern at Sir-T Hospital in Bhavnagar. Ganesh admits that many of his patients are reluctant to open up to him due to his height, but says once they see that he knows what he’s doing, they become more comfortable.