Man Loses 210 Pounds On Carnivore Diet

After tipping the scale at 434 pounds and being told his weight could be causing fertility issues, Isaiah Caldwell decided to change his diet. The 28-year-old now weighs 224 pounds since sticking with a carnivore diet, which includes anything that comes from animals — meat, fish, eggs, bone broth, and dairy. The 6’4” salesman from St. Louis, Missouri, says he’s now happier and healthier and hopes to jump-start his family with his wife Amanda. The couple said having a baby had become an obsession after trying for a year with no success. Isaiah said it was pretty easy to lose weight on the carnivore diet because it’s really hard to binge eat meat. He lost 21 pounds the first month, followed by 18 pounds the second month. After losing 118 pounds in the first 10 months, Isaiah said he knew he couldn’t stay on the carnivore diet forever, so he expanded his diet to include fruit. Today, he maintains his weight by counting calories and sticking to a strict training regimen. “If anyone is thinking maybe they can’t do it, they should know that I felt exactly like that, too. It felt impossible and hopeless, but everyone is capable of it,” said Isaiah. That being said, he admits that the diet is very restrictive and is not for everyone.
Isaiah and Amanda