It’s Just Water In a Can — How Did Liquid Death Become a Billion-Dollar Brand?

If you’ve been to a live event recently, you may have noticed something called "Liquid Death" being sold at food and drink stands. For those not in the know, the name may be a little intimidating, but Liquid Death is just water in a can. The idea behind the name is to convey the message that its contents will "murder your thirst." Now, the brand — which has been independently owned and operated since its creation in 2017 — has raised a new round of investment that values it at $1.4 billion. Liquid Death can be found in 113,000 retail outlets across the U.S. and UK, and it has seen triple digit growth for the third consecutive year, becoming the fastest-growing water brand. The fact that it’s just water is the key to Liquid Death’s success. If you’re having a night out at the bar with your friends and you’re the only one not drinking, you might feel a little silly holding a regular bottle of water while everyone else is drinking beer and cocktails. Liquid Death is designed to eliminate that moment. By putting nonalcoholic beverages in a package that looks like a beer can, it creates a psychological effect of making it easier for someone more image-conscious to consume. It's a genius move that's going to make manufacturer Supplying Demand, Inc. a ton of money.