Grandpa Claims He’s Been Drinking Nothing But Coke For the Last 50 Years

Roberto Pedreira is probably the world’s No. 1 Coke fan. While hospitalized recently, he told doctors that the only liquid he drinks is Coca-Cola, with his variety of choice being Coke Zero, which was introduced in 2005. Despite the fact that he suffers from diabetes and has heart problems, Roberto confessed that he hasn’t had anything but Coca-Cola to drink over the past 50 years. He drinks no water at all and doesn’t even take liquid medicine. He insists that if Coke was bad for him, it would have killed him by now. Over the past few years, Roberto has suffered a heart attack and has 6 stents in his heart, but never considered switching from Coke to water. Roberto’s 27-year-old grandson has confirmed that his grandfather has never had anything to drink but Coke. He says, however, that Roberto is very careful about his health, going to the doctor regularly, getting tested, and taking all his medication. Doctors everywhere are shuddering.