Celebrity Names We’ve Been Getting Wrong For Years

As Hollywood stars, they’re used to being described as “household names.” Yet, ironically, many of the celebrities we know have been going by the wrong monikers in the public eye. For years, these stars’ names have been mispronounced, even though they’ve revealed the proper way to say their names time and time again. So, how many Hollywood stars’ names have you been mispronouncing? Read on to find out the celebrities who have spent years hearing their names said incorrectly.
Lindsay Lohan left fans stunned recently when she highlighted the way her last name is pronounced, saying it’s “Lo-wen” instead of “Lo-HAN.”

Fans of both Jake Gyllenhaal and his sister Maggie typically say "Jill-en-HALL," but the actor opened up recently about the correct way his name should be pronounced: “Yen-len-hey-lo.”

Fans of the legendary director Martin Scorsese have been saying his name incorrectly for years, pronouncing it “Scor-say-zee.” The proper pronunciation is actually “Scor-sess-see.”

Singer Adele recently confessed that most of her fans have been saying her name wrong for years, pronouncing it “uh-dell.” She says the correct way to say her name is “uh-dale.”

Fans of Zendaya are often torn with two ways of pronouncing her name: “Zen-dye-uh” or “Zen-day-yuh.” The actress recently revealed that the correct way to say. her name is “Zen-day-yuh.”

Fans of Charlize Theron have been getting her name wrong the entire time she’s been an actress, and it all comes down to the misleading “o” in her surname. Mispronunciations include “THERE-on,” “THERE-in," and “Thuh-RONE,” but the proper pronunciation is “Throne.”