Canadian Man Returns From Vacation and Finds a Letter From the Government Saying He’s Dead

After returning home from an extended vacation in Costa Rica, a Montreal man got the surprise of a lifetime in the mail — the Quebec government thinks he's dead. In a 14-page letter from the Ministry of Justice, the government wrote that it's hoping to collect money from the estate of Nick Fatouros for a speeding ticket. The problem is, Fatouros is very much alive. The 34-year-old says he contested a speeding ticket from 2022 and then left for an extended vacation in Central America. After having a good laugh at finding out his government thinks he's deceased, he said he was thankful that his mother never saw the letter. Fatourous says he tried to call the government to prove that he is actually alive but wasn't able to speak to anyone. Attorney William Korbatly said sometimes things like this happen, though it’s extremely rare, and can affect a myriad of official documents associated with the government. Fatouros says he just wants to prove that he's not a dead man walking. CTV News reached out to the Ministry of Justice and was told by a spokesperson that it was a case of “human error” and that an appropriate follow-up with Fatouros will be made.