Young Mother Makes Almost $4 Million Selling “Genius” Idea For Eyelids

A young mother with little business experience has made an impressive $3.8 million in one year after creating an innovative beauty product that corrects hooded eyelids and monolids (eyelids with no crease). Joyce Wong, from Sydney, Australia, launched Char Cosmetics in January 2022. Her business journey traces back to high school when she was disappointed by beauty products — such as tapes — that would begin to show after just a few hours. The 29-year-old said she has always had a love-hate relationship with her hooded eyelids and decided to do something about it. The mother-of-one created a lightweight product she calls Magic Glue that lasts up to 18 hours and can be reapplied to makeup. Her target audience is women aged 40+ who have developed hooded eyelids with age, as well as those who have monolids and struggle to put on regular makeup. To use Magic Clue, gently twist the pen to release a small amount (the size of a sesame seed) and apply the glue gently over the middle of your eyelid, spreading evenly until the glue seamlessly blends into your skin. Allow the product to dry for 10 seconds and apply any additional layers that may be needed. To remove, simply rub a makeup remover soaked cotton pad to remove the remaining glue. The product sells for $25 on the Char website.
Joyce Wong pictured with husband Celvin, their toddler daughter Amelia and two “furbabies"