Will Flushing Your Toilet With the Lid Down Stop “Toilet Plume?”

People everywhere are slamming the lid shut on their toilets before flushing, after scientists warned that flushing sends out “toilet plumes” — tiny droplets that spread through the air to every surface of the bathroom. So, can closing the lid keep you safe from this spray? Unfortunately, researchers from the University of Arizona say it makes no difference whether the lid is up or down. Instead, regularly cleaning the bowl with disinfectant can eliminate the worst of the bacteria and make flushing safe no matter where the lid is. The benefits of toilet lid closure during flushing has simply not been backed up by science. Tests showed that closing the lid on the toilet only changed the trajectory of the plume, down towards the floor rather than straight up in the air. Researchers say there’s no reason to fear flushing your toilet. Unless you have a compromised immune system, the likelihood of you getting sick from flushing the toilet is infinitesimal.