Vintage Refrigerators We Wish We Had Today

Today’s appliances pale in comparison to the mid-century design that had sharp looks and the latest technology. Refrigerators of the ‘60s came in eye-popping colors and cut sharp, elegant silhouettes in the kitchen. They conveyed a sense of permanence, pride and optimism in construction rivaling that of classic autos. Sadly, times have changed. Go to any large appliance showroom now and you’ll find a sea of forgettable stainless steel. Most people today agree that appliance makers should wipe the slate clean and return to their roots. In the 1960s, GE introduced refrigerators in vibrant shades of red, blue, green and yellow. Some even sported jazzy shades of teal or pink. Beyond the aesthetics, these refrigerators were practical. From shelves that swung out and adjusted with the push of a button to a freezer that came with a built-in ice maker, GE incorporated some of the latest technology of that time. Take a look at the video below and you’ll agree with the narrator……’ll be wishing you had one.