Uh-Oh! Elmo’s Potty Training Book Has a Potty Mouth

In 2006, Publications International released The Sesame Street Potty Time with Elmo book. The book contained a 7-button audio module that enabled children to add voices and other sounds to a story about Elmo teaching his doll, Baby David, all about using the potty. The recorded message the book was supposed to say was, “Uh-oh! Who has to go?” However, what the doll was actually said was, “Uh-oh! Who wants to die?” While parents were quick to blame the message on some nefarious prankster or a garbled translation for books made in China, it actually turned out to be a faulty computer chip in the book. The company quickly changed the computer chip and switched the message to “Let’s try to go potty.” Needless to say, there are still around 20 of the potty-mouthed books still out there, hiding in someone’s attic or basement.