Toddler Goes Viral For Telling Dogs To Say Grace Before Meal

Alora Brim loves her dogs. The 3-year-old from Round Rock, Tex., expresses her love for them whenever she hears the sound of her mom fetching the dogs’ bowls. Maverick, Rosie and Ash get revved up as well, becoming almost uncontrollable when they sense dinnertime is near. All the love and excitement surrounding their feeding sessions has since become a teachable moment for everyone involved. For Alora’s dogs, there’s no touching their meals until grace is said. It’s a rule set in stone and a teaching method. All that bubbling doggy excitement is held at bay through a regimen of training and canine obedience until the master gives the signal that it’s time to eat. Meanwhile, Alora also gets a lesson in learning how to take care of and train her pets and how to be responsible. “We always had a step during the feeding process that the dogs have to respect where the food’s coming from and not just rush you and jump over you,” said Alora’s dad, Freddie Brim. “The natural combination of saying grace and amen just seemed a natural fit.”