This Stunning Hotel That Boasts Magnificent Views Has a 2-Year Waiting List

Have you ever dreamed of being protected yet exposed, at the heart of the action while a million miles from civilization? There happens to be just such a place, a remote spot on the edge of a precipice, shielded from wind, snow and rain. The Dolomitenhütte Hotel in Lienz, Austria, is just such a place. Perched high in the mountains, it’s rooms offer some of the most spectacular views you can imagine. During the summer months, it’s popular with rock climbers, while winter attracts tobogganers and skiers. The hotel is run by Scarlet Olesova, whose vision of a mountain retreat includes a place where guests can relax, recover and reflect on life. Imaging sitting in front of a roaring log fire with a glass of wine in hand as you gaze out at the Dolomites and enjoy the peace and quiet. That describes the Dolomitenhütte. The rooms are without a doubt the main highlight, with their floor-to-ceiling windows that give visitors the impression they're standing on the edge of a precipice. Although Scarlet describes the Dolomitenhütte as more of a “hut” than a “hotel,” she wants guests to know that it comes with all the amenities: running water, electricity, television, mobile phone reception, etc. Guests are treated to a wine menu that would make most hotels envious, while good hearty food is freshly prepared in the kitchen. All of this might sound too good to be true, and in a sense, it is. The catch? There’s a 2-year waiting list. Amazingly, the rate is a mere $85 a night, and that includes a complimentary breakfast.

Scarlet Olesova