This Airline Launched a Flight With a Mystery Destination and 1,000 People Signed Up for It

Imagine taking off for vacation and having no idea exactly where you’ll end up. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is offering just that. The Swedish airline recently introduced a special mystery flight called “Destination Unknown.” Tickets for the flight are sold exclusively to members of the airline’s frequent flyer program, EuroBonus. Instead of money, travelers need to redeem 30,000 miles for a seat. The trip departs from Copenhagen, Denmark, on April 5 and will return on April 8. Travelers are only provided with the clue that the flight will last “a few hours,” and the exact location of the destination will be revealed at some point during the flight. Over 1,000 people have submitted their request to join the flight, and the airline is no longer accepting reservations. Due to the limited quantity of seats on the plane, tickets for the April trip will be distributed randomly to the travelers who have already signed up. SAS operates flights around the world to 125 destinations, and the lucky passengers could wind up at one of several U.S. locations, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, or Washington.