Think Before You Ink! Dermatologists Issue Warning About Full Body Tattoos

American rapper Machine Gun Kelly (pictured below) recently shocked fans when he revealed his dramatic blackout tattoo that covers his entire upper torso. Dermatologists, however, caution that full-body tattoos are not only more painful than standard tattoos but increase the risk of suffering an infection. They can even make it harder to spot the early signs of skin cancer. Additionally, they often cause bumps, plaques, or scaly patches on the skin that itch in response to sunlight. Complications from tattooing are not uncommon, and the larger the area of tattooing the more potential there is for side effects. Allergy and hypersensitivity reactions can also occur to the skin in response to any tattoo, but the risk is even higher for dark or black tattoos. Large coverage tattoos cause significant skin trauma, potentially leading to protracted healing and heightened scarring risk. Research has also shown that tattoo ink can make its way into your lymph nodes, the body's center for fighting infection and disease. In addition, removing black ink can be difficult due to the deep, dense black ink — making it a long-term commitment. Those looking to get inked should ensure that they contact a professional, and in the case of tattoos, less is more.