These Confusing Pictures Will Make You Do a Double Take

The Internet is packed full of weird and wonderful sights, but some photos require a little more explanation. People from around the world have shared the bizarre pictures they’ve encountered that needed context for them to begin to make sense. The photos have been posted to social media and gathered into one collection where you can have a good laugh. Here are just a few of these best, yet somewhat confusing, photos.


Ready for action! A children's mechanical horse ride was comically placed in front of an ad for the film Napoleon.

Is this a dog or a table? This Corgi has placed himself in a questionable position on a small stool.

This woman discovered how to make the best of her arm cast while out and about in Japan.

“Where were you between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.?”

Just a man and his dog pausing for thought in what appears to be an optical illusion.

A helpful Boxer holds his owner steady while he installs shelving.