The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Stretching for 65 miles in northeastern Turkey, the D915 is an extreme road, regarded by many motorists as the most dangerous road in the world. The mountain road features a myriad of turns and dangerous drop-offs that make it extremely perilous to traverse, even for the most skilled drivers. The road was built by Russian soldiers using only hands tools, though certain parts at each end were paved with asphalt at some point. Most of the road still consists of loose gravel. It features a total of 38 sharp hairpin turns, with no guardrails to keep vehicles from falling into the abyss below. The steepest portions of the road are so narrow that when two vehicles meet from opposite sides, one of them must back up to make room for the other. This is particularly dangerous in bad weather conditions like thick fog or rain, both of which are frequent in the area. A single wrong maneuver can end in tragedy, so only seasoned and skilled drivers — not tourists looking for an adrenaline rush — should attempt to travel it.