Mrs. Butterworth's And Dunkin' Introduce the First-Ever Glazed Donut-Flavored Syrup

If you've ever sat down to a plate of pancakes or waffles and thought to yourself, "Wouldn't it be sweet if my pancakes tasted like a hot glazed donut," there's good news for you. Mrs. Butterworth's has collaborated with Dunkin' to bring us the first-ever Glazed Donut Maple Syrup. The new Mrs. Butterworth’s Dunkin’ Glazed Donut Flavored Pancake Syrup has the thick, rich texture and sweet flavor of a glazed donut. This new syrup, developed with Dunkin’ culinary experts, mirrors the sweet vanilla flavor notes of a fried glazed donut. In addition to the tried and true, the syrup can be enjoyed on unexpected items like yogurt, oatmeal and biscuits. The syrup is now available in most grocery stores. The 24 oz. bottle has a suggested retail price of $4.19. If you're one of those rare people who don't like the taste of glazed donuts, not to worry. Mrs. Butterworth's also has Cinnabon syrup and Fruity Pebbles syrup, as well as it's original syrup, Lite syrup, Sugar-Free syrup, and Extra Buttery syrup.