French Post Office Opens Changing Rooms For Online Shoppers

France’s post office is experimenting with opening changing rooms in some branches to cater to online shoppers who want to quickly return purchases of clothing and shoes that don’t fit. In a Paris post office that’s participating in the trial, a stand-alone changing room in the shape and canary yellow color of a French mailbox has been installed. Inside is a chair, mirror, and a shelf to place your package for on-the-spot returns. France’s La Poste said the idea came about after seeing customers pick up their packages, only to return shortly afterwards because their purchases didn’t fit. France, like many countries, has seen a boom in online commerce, with consumers purchasing clothing and shoes that are often returned. The experiment is more than just a changing room. The idea is to simplify the lives of consumers by letting them receive merchandise, check it out right in the post office, and in the event of a poor fit or a change of mind, send it back right then. It helps people avoid making pointless trips back and forth and saves time for both the post office and the consumer. Needless to say, the experiment is not something independent retailers are happy about, saying it poses serious risks to the vibrancy of local economies.