Burger Restaurant Renames Menu Items So Customers Can Expense Them

Good Fortune Burger in Toronto, Ontario, wants to lighten the mood a bit, so they renamed all the items on their menu so customers can expense them. Users on social media have called the move “genius.” While the change is not a permanent one, the restaurant is encouraging people to “Order, eat, expense, and repeat.” Its signature Fortune Burger has become a “Basic Steel Stapler,” while the Diamond Chicken Burger is now a “Mini Dry Erase Whiteboard.” It’s not just the restaurant’s burgers — you can also pick up some fries disguised as a “Braided HTMI Cord,” a ginger beer that’s now “Yellow-Lined Sticky Notes,” or a San Pellegrino that’s been reborn as “Ball Point Black Ink Gel Pens.” Thankfully, if you feel like being a bit more honest, there’s also the option to order the items under their usual names.